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Cinderella-Style: Glamorous up to the tip of the shoe

Being Cinderella only once – that’s what all the ladies are still secretly dreaming of. Therefore, sparkling high heels make our hearts beat faster time and again. Fortunately, we need neither a good fairy nor a prince for that, nowadays. A couple of rhinestones and a little bit of imagination will be enough to create the shoes of our dreams. We’re even more in love if they match the dress. These are the hottest designs of the floor…

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Fetish-trend is dominating the dance floor

Currently, the guys also take on the leading role when it comes to fashion and dominate the floor confidently: actions in varnish and leather as well as elements of chains and bondages captivate our eyes. As a basis, net fabric is particularly popular. The resolute appearance is supplemented by military details such as golden buttons, epaulettes, and metal buckles.

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