Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

… Marilyn Monroe already new it as she performed the famous song in “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”. And how right she was: the perfect jewellery is the cherry on the icing of every tournament outfit. A smashing dress alone is not enough if you want to ‘shine bright like a diamond’ during your big performance. The right accessories are essential for every look to be perfect – down to the last detail. I spoke to Dagmar Bökel of Charming Crystals about necklets, earrings and hair accessories and will tell you everything today about the most beautiful minor matter of dancing!

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Studs or clips? Not only a matter of taste…

The question whether to wear studs or clips is often a matter of a woman’s personal preference. However, you should bear some aspects in mind before making a choice.

Studs give a safe feeling even when dancing. However, their disadvantage is the fact that the motif can be relatively small, due du the weight on the connector. Besides, they are more likely to get twisted if not fixed extra.

On the other hand, clips can be oriented more flattering towards a beautiful ear-chin-line and generally they lie flatter against the ear. One can choose a bit more eye-catching styles which have a much bigger effect on the dancefloor. However, depending on the model, some might also need to be fixed partially in order not to fall of the ear when doing particularly fast tango moves. Superglue, carpet tape or household adhesive – everyone’s got their secret recipes. Yet it is obvious that they’re often neither good for the dancer or for the piece of jewelry… Mastix or eyelash glue would definitely be the better choice.

Dagmar Bökel recommends hypo allergic double-sided tapes. They’re medically tested and therefore particularly skin-compatible. Moreover, they can be removed after the competition without leaving a residue. However, before putting on the ear clips, any make-up or oily substances should be removed from the ear, so that the tapes can last in an optimal way. For increased wearing comfort you can get extra soft clip pads from Charming Crystals.

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Hair decoration – how to fix it properly:

There are three common ways of hair embellishment: single rhinestones, hairpins or clips and applications like lace motifs or rhinestone bands.

With the help of mastix or eyelash glue, single crystals and applications can be positioned almost everywhere. If you prefer to play with larger lace motifs you can fasten them supportively with small hairpins. Clips are quite easy to handle. However, hairpins bare the risk to fall off during the dancing. In this case it is helpful to look for spots in the headdress that are difficult for them to access – and to exit. And you can also try to tilt the pins when putting them in, as in first pushing them upwards and then downwards underneath the strand of hair. When fixing the pins sideward along the bun, they can also be fastened with hairclips. Last but not least, you can curve a little hook at the lower end. But please not too big – otherwise you will get into trouble when unhinging them after the competition.

Choker or y-collier? On picking the right necklace:

First off: The neckline of the dress presets the shape of the necklace. Technically, you can pretty much always progress along these lines. Dagmar Bökel’s special advice for shorter women is to optically stretch their silhouette with a y-shaped collier. In the end, it’s still your choice whether to pick a choker or rather opt for a round or y-shape.


Shopping Tipp:

It’s worth investing in jewelry with the classic crystal AB-stones. They’re used as an embellishment for many dresses as they have a surpassing glow and are in harmony with most colors. As such, one can wear the same jewelry with different dresses (for example Standard or Latin).


As the jewelry is sensitive and loses its shiny finish if it comes into contact with hairspray, perfume, creams with high pH levels or even fruit acid too often, you should definitely put you make-up on before putting on your jewelry. In order to make it look all new again, you can polish the jewelry with a soft, lint-free cloth if necessary. And in the event that greater soiling occurs, you can clean the crystals carefully with a microfiber cloth soaked in soapy water. In cases of hardship, the soap can be applied with a soft brush and can be washed up under running water. Subsequently the jewelry should be dried on a soft cloth with the crystals facing downward. Caution: Do not use silver- and other purification baths under any circumstances.

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