About this blog

Appearance does not count as official scoring criteria for ballroom dancing. However, nobody will claim that the look of a couple does not matter. Often, without even having danced one step, the couple gets its first judgement. In order to make it a positive one, the dancers have to do a lot of things properly – and that’s exactly where you’ll frequently find a lack of knowledge and experience.

At this point, I want to create a platform that deals exclusively with the looks associated with ballroom dancing: clothes, make-up, jewellery, hairstyle, shoes – everything that matters for a professional tournament preparation besides the athletic and mental aspects. I intend to support beginners with valuable hints before they participate in their first competition. Moreover, I supply the experienced couples with new ideas and present the current trends of the international dancing scene.

I will pass on my personal experiences from ballroom dancing and involve topic related experts: famous couples, adjudicators and everybody who has been caring for a perfect visual performance for years.

This blog addresses all of you, dancers, and I am looking forward to having you actively enriching it by your suggestions, experiences, and criticism.

Natalia Reichert

About me

As long as I can remember, my life has been shaped by two passions: dancing and fashion.

I was six years old when I practised my first dancing steps and performed them at children’s competitions. However, I had to take a break after only two years, because my dancing partner at that time thought Karate was a lot cooler. Not until I was fifteen, I dared a second attempt – this time, a more successful one. At the time of my high school graduation, I spent more time in the ballroom than at school. After moving up to the highest level, I got my certificate for teaching Standard and Latin Dance and I noticed that it was time to care for my professional career…

Like most little girls, I loved my Barbie effusively and equipped her with numerous self-made dresses. This excitement for clothes and crafting has continued up to adulthood and therefore, I studied fashion design. After graduating, I moved to Paris, the city of fashion, where I worked at the “Burda Publishing House’s” correspondent office and was able to get a little taste of high-fashion. I really enjoyed the editorial work and so as a next step, I started working at the fashion editing department of a women’s magazine. That’s how I came to Hamburg, where I live up to now. In 2013, I took the brave step of becoming professionally self-employed as a stylist and fashion editor. For me personally, this blog is the opportunity to combine my passions and build a bridge between styling, journalism, fashion and ballroom dancing.


Looks are a matter of taste. You don’t have to like what I like and vice versa. However, if this is the case, there is no need to attack and insult. I am looking forward to your contributions, but I reserve my right to delete inappropriate comments or not publish posts that are off-topic. Furthermore, I won’t release racial, pornographic, or any post that includes criminal content. Besides, you assume liability for your published content like images for example. All content of ballroom-style.com, especially texts and pictures are protected by copyright. Any commercial use of this content is prohibited. You can read more about this in the terms of use.

About depicted persons and products

Apparently, my blog works with images. Often, I use pictures that I took at big tournaments. Even if it is mostly about the topic itself – a dress or a hairstyle – the pictures also show the belonging persons. I am particularly anxious to only release those pictures that portray the dancers very well, at least according to my aesthetic perception. I don’t want to expose anybody. If you find a picture that is presenting you in an unpleasant way or if there are other reasons why you don’t like to be depicted in this blog, just let me know and I will delete the picture as soon as possible.

I am anxious to label the presented products correctly and release them only with permission of the manufacturer. Should I make a mistake, despite all care taken, please notify me.